Friday, December 31, 2010

Almost a New Year

Well a New Year is almost here and I have to say I am taking steps to reclaim my life. Tonight I am just staying at home, but I am going to use my time wisely. I am going to take stock of what I have, things I am doing, the person I am and where I want these things to be in the New Year. I really don't believe in making New years resolutions, but this one not going to be about wanting to achieve something but changing my inner self so that I can achieve these things.

I have already started the ball rolling with something that has the opportunity to go as far as I want to take it. I will give you more details when I have all the information and have things officially started.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Week one all about ME

I started on Monday of this week wanting to put some of my needs first. I started by getting my hair colored and styled to how I like it not someone else or what I think someone would like.

I worked all week and even took a day to my self on Wednesday and stayed home with Issabella and did absolutely nothing for anybody else but the two of us. On Thursday night I helped the girls paint there bedrooms whatever color they wanted, and though this is mostly for them I have been promising myself for months to let them do it.

Today I woke up so excited cause my parents are coming to town until Sunday:) I spent the day cleaning the house they way I like it with no one to bother me and the music cranked.

Though I did not eat as best as I should up untill Wednesday of this week, I am feeling better about myself then I have in a long time. I have also commited to my self to do the bootcamp with Yannick and Join a gym after the holidays. Baby steps I know but I think I might even be smiling today!!