Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2 363 days to go!

Today was great! Got up this morning and messed around in the kitchen, I made turkey soup and chilli for the week, both of which taste nummy!!

Talked to my mom today and found out that her and dad are going on a two week cruise down to Mexico and around, sure wish I could fit in a suitcase he he he he next year..... Oh my gosh took the girls to The great escape today, how much fun was that place. On the way there one ofthem fell asleep and slept on me for about twenty minutes even with all the noise going on.

Anyhow first time to that place and it was fantastic, the little one had a great time in the toddler room and the older two had a blast on the slide/jungle gym thing, mini golf and the airtrek. We were there for almost two hours...

Didn't get much exercise in today except for chasing the kids, tomorrow hoping to get more tomorrow. Just found out today that we are going to be starting a running clinic for the sun run very exciting. I have never been a big runner, but we are going to give it a go. My goal is to atleast run half of the sun run this spring!!

I decided today that I am going to start a venture that will give me an opportunity to meet some very wonderful ladies and make some money on the side. Not to mention saving me money on some items aswell. Don't want to spill to much info untill the details are all worked out tomorrow. Untill tomorrow have a good night Blogger world....


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